Works of the Artist, divided into three periods

“At 16, I began wearing silver bangles.The self effacing quality of silver reflected back the life around it. Silver has always been woven into my life with the clothes that I wear,the canvases that I’ve painted, not to mention the color of my hair"

“Mobillia gallerywas having a show called “jewelry after paintings”. I wanted to work on my own inspiration and decided not to work on the show. I happened to pick up a book on Gustavo Klimt and got so excited by the patterns and colors, and then decided to create pieces for the exhibition”

“ From the time I was ten years old, I have been knitting. Recently I was inspired to incorporate silver into my knitting. Some of these pieces are knitted with silver chain wandering all over. In order to stabilize the structure, I then reintegrated yarn into the pieces. As it was evolving, I began to knit toroids (doughnut shapes) adding various articles…beads, rings, washers, bells and so on"